Amelia Earheart Photoshoot

Amelia_Earheart_1_Burble_and Balter.jpg

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s a baby in a re-purposed diaper box!

I first decided to do a series of fantasy photoshoots with Courtney when she was able to sit up and crawl around, mainly because I was unable to take those pretty ones you see on Pinterest when she was first born. You know the kind I mean…softly lit studio pictures where the baby is hanging in a little blanket from an artsy branch or being delivered by a stork or something.

Not that we didn’t get some interesting photos in the NICU (I’m referring, of course, to the time she pulled out the IV from her head -oh, muh gawwwd, the blooood.

Was it April Fools? It actually might have been -she had an uncanny way of knowing things, like how to drop her oxygen saturation as soon as the nurse would walk away, ha ha).


We had a few old pillows so I opened them up to get my cloud fluff. I hung them from fishing line and put a blue blanket up in the background. The cap was made from one of those white bucket hats for babies which I cut onto the right shape. As soon as I started painting the brown watercolor onto it, it took on a soft, suede feel to it. Her white scarf was made of the sleeves of a shirt I used to own. Her glasses, of course, became her flying goggles.