Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) Photoshoot


What I love the most about Arya: Even big tough guys I know respect her. Survivor, warrior, and all around bad-ass, she always leaves us wanting more as she (spoiler alert, avert your eyes if don’t already know) seeks to get revenge for her family and reunite with who’s left.

Courtney has the influence of a STRONG Italian great-grandmother in her genes, as well as an even stronger Korean great-grandmother. From all the stories I’ve heard I wouldn’t want to cross them. (Chuck Norris beware)! I chose to do this shoot to show the inner strength preemies have. They’re probably the toughest creatures on earth!


I used a planter for the base of the tree and stuck some pool noodles in it. I covered these with brown packing paper for the bark. The background was painted on tri-fold board. For the costume: a swatch of fur from Hobby Lobby, safety-pinned to her onesie (dyed with coffee), and an old neutral colored shirt for the cape.

Her bad-assery came pre-installed!


The sword was made from a pool noodle and the base was wrapped in leather. I had to stop her from eating it several times. Although the paint was non-toxic I was still hyper-vigilant about her safety. Ah, babies and their need to taste everything.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a toddler in possession of well-prepared healthy food must be in want of crud of the floor instead.