Bob Ross Photoshoot


I’m so happy that good old Bob is enjoying a Renaissance these days. Every generation seems connected to him and his message of peace and love. He was so unabashedly honest about his feelings and made it his mission to bring happiness and hope to others. Naturally I had to dress up Little C as one of my heroes!


I looked up a Bob Ross painting to recreate for the shoot. I think he would have liked knowing he was still inspiring art; the painting, the costume and photo editing all came together to celebrate his life. (Hey, why isn’t there a Bob Ross Day? If we can have a national fast food day, why not a National Bob Ross Day? We could call it: National Happy Little Cloud Day)!


The shirt was one of mine cut down to size and pinned at the back. The beard was half face paint, half photo editing (I LOVE Ipiccy). The wig was a cheap one I bought from Amazon and was only a few dollars. I cut it down to size and glued it onto a baby hat so it would stay on her head. The background is a black tri-fold presentation board.

Yes, I know it’s blurry - most of my pics are, but I can’t get better lighting. Literally there’s no extra money for another light so we’re making due. In any case, The goal here is fun!