Breaking Bad Cake


DISCLAIMER: Drugs are bad, ‘mkay? Especially the variety being featured on this show. By making the cake I’m celebrating the show, its incredible cast, and talented writers who kept us riveted. I DO NOT ENDORSE the use of meth.

I made this cake around 2013 or 2014. I was inspired by a picture I found online and as I only posted how mine turned out on my private facebook account I never thought to give credit to the original artist. I tried googling it tonight and couldn’t find the original cake or the artist, though anyone who knows me can attest I am not tech-savvy. In any case, this isn’t my original idea but I loved it and it was a big hit. Not too hard to do, either!


I think I used blue and yellow gel coloring for the inside since this was made in Korea and boxed cake is SUPER expensive there (at least where I lived in Jeonju-si where it was $7.00 a box)! The candy was just any basic one you can find online. You’ll need a candy thermometer and patience if you’re going to try it.