Princess Leia Photoshoot


I wanted to pay tribute to Princess Leia/Carrie Fisher by dressing up Courtney but there was just one problem…I didn’t have a costume. Funds are low here, so I had to get creative. Hence the bagels on her head. By the end of the shoot they were hard enough to hurl at a womp rat and send him to the Space Vet (You shall not pass Mos Isely, you shall not collect 200 Space Credits). All Hail Princess Bagel Head!


For Leia’s gown I used a pillowcase. I can’t really sew but I figured it would be puddled all around her in such a way it would be hard to tell.


The background is silver Christmas wrapping paper and the storm trooper “helmet” was made from an amazon delivery envelope. (I’ve used those a few times for costumes).


Best post description: “RRRRRRR-AHHHRRR-URRR!” - Chewbacca