Rosie the Riveter Photoshoot

Rosie the Riveter Photoshoot


My daughter was born 1 lb 7 oz.

This did not stop her from tossing off the little bean bags the nurses put on her to keep her in position.

This did not stop her from pulling tubes out even though we’d try to control her limbs.

Tiny but mighty. That’s what they’d say.

A sign given to me as a gift: “Though be but little, she is fierce.” (Bill Shakespeare). I put it on the wall.

Our fierce peanut.

So so small. Small but strong.

1 lb 7 oz and born premature.

But this did not stop her from wrestling us while we put her diapers on. (I would actually break a sweat fighting her)!

This did not stop her from resisting the nurse who draws her blood (during our last visit it took four of us -FOUR!) to hold her still. She was only 21 months old and 22 lbs.

It did not stop her from her from crawling, walking, running, skipping, tripping, rolling, and jumping and being a general force of nature.

She is little. Born at just 26 weeks gestation. But don’t underestimate her. Because this fact?

It does not stop her.

Preemie power.

Dirty Dancing Photoshoot

Dirty Dancing Photoshoot

Only Cowards Cook on Low

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