Star Trek Photoshoot


In all my years hanging out with my nerd friends and acquaintances, never have I once heard someone say they didn’t like Jean Luc Picard. They might prefer Kirk in a Trek-Off, but they still like him. And is it hard to see why? He’s handsome, dignified, intelligent, diplomatic, responsible and compassionate. He is a perfect example of positive masculinity.


So why dress Courtney up as Picard and not a female crew member? Well firstly, does it matter? Secondly, as stated, he’s awesome. And thirdly, it’s pretty funny, no?

All kidding aside, when I first brought up the idea that I was going to do a Star Trek photoshoot with Little C one of the first comments I got was “Oooohhh, how about dressing her up as Seven of Nine?”

My first reaction was to cringe a little. Not because Seven of Nine was a bad character - far from it. They gave her character complexity and depth over time, but let’s face it, she was space eye candy. True, I could have done Doctor Crusher or someone, but Courtney hates wigs, so photoshopping her bald was actually easier.


The transporter was a trifold board, the same one I used in the James Bond Photoshoot which was grey. I spray painted gold over top to give it that retro original series vibe. The base is a glass table top of tupperware bowls turned upside-down with a flashlight or two underneath. Then I covered the top with brown craft paper with holes cut out. To make the light more diffused (and so you couldn’t see it underneath) I covered the holes with parchment paper. Then the base was wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper so you couldn’t see the tupperware or lights. The top was a pool noodle taped into a circle with tissue paper covering it and a flashlight “beaming” down through it. Costume was a red onsie that I used ipiccy (a free online photo-editing site I love) to draw on the black part of the costume, as well as baldify my baby’s head. Geordi’s visor was made of a banana hair clip painted gold - like the original one on the show, I believe!


The ice was crumpled tin foil that I somehow processed with ipiccy. I remember I’d tinted the whole picture red at one point which made her uniform blend in too much so I think I inverted the colors just to see what would happen and came up with this beautiful aqua color. Hence Tarkor was created! The turtle was a crazy weird two-headed stuffy we found hidden here at Grandma Ida’s when we moved in. Her tricorder is a Nintendo controller. I got a little lazy with her “red shirt” uniform (no badge, no black) but I thought the picture would speak for itself.