Toddler Diaries 4


Is playing.

Mum picks up, says: “Time for a diaper change!”

Di-chain – NO!

Want play!

Is cry to show.

Is kick to show.

Dead weight.

A flopping.

No help. Already on change table.

Is a squirming.

Want play!

Mum says: “Courtney, quit wiggling, I’m trying to change your diaper!”

I wiggles to show I want play more. I roll.

Mum: “Courtney, NO! You’re getting poop everywhere!”

Courtney no cleans, so Courtney no care. Want play!

Mum turns tushy one way, I go other way.

Mum turns tushy other way, I twist back again.

Mum push flat, I arch.

Mum try lift tushy, I make flat.


Finally – So, so finally, new diaper on.

Mum has a sweaty.

Says: “Okay Courtney, you can go play now.”




Only want play. No di-chain. Always takes too long!!