Toddler Diaries, Entry 6

Toddler Diaries, Entry 6

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Am boss.

But job is hard.

Mum fixes nom-noms. Has a slow.

So I yell.

Want down from chair when finished.

Chop-chop Mummy! “DOWWW!”

Yell is a helpful.

Is employee motivation technique.

Jockey has crop.

Bezos minimum wage paycheck.

Baby has voice.

Is requiring practice tho.

Must yell from diaphragm.

Now want toy. A takes a breath: “TOOOOY!”

Mum: “Say please.”


But Mum has a slow. So I motivate: TOOOOOOOOYYYY!”

Mum goes a fast.

Always must yell.

All toddlers know.

Diaper change slow? A yell.

Want show? A yelling some more.

Everything good? Yelling to keep on toes.


Am good boss.

Make Mum and Dad go fast.

Make Mum and Dad a worry.

Make Mum and Dad a sweaty.

Make Mum and Dad work work work.


Am good at job.

But job hard.


Not easy being boss!

  • Allegra Khan, Burble and Balter


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