Toddler Diaries, Entry 3

Toddler Diaries, Entry 3


Has dolls. Dolls a has a cute.

Cute and smoll.

Has a many.

Play many games.

Plays a house.

Sister-doll likes dance. Brother doll like coloring.

Sister-doll and brother doll a-happy.

Mum-doll is Janet. Daddy-doll is Ted.

Mum-doll say: Sister-doll, do homework!

Father-doll say: Brother-doll, eat vegetables!

Now sister-doll and brother-doll has a sad.

Sister-doll pray: Help! No has fair!

Brother-doll pray: Help! No wants vegetables!

I see Home Alone. No mum, no sad. No dad, no sad.

So I has a help.

I has a solve.

Mum-doll and daddy-doll is time-out.

Maybe forever.

They has a sad now.

Many tears. They cry a lot and a lot.

is Alone. thinking about future. Future bleak. No going to climb Mount Everest. Is no going to join local theater.

Has a Thirsty.

I has laugh.

Leonardo da Vinci Photoshoot

Leonardo da Vinci Photoshoot

James Bond Photoshoot

James Bond Photoshoot