Toddler Diaries, Entry 5

Toddler Diaries, Entry 5


Toddler Diaries, Entry 5


Mum buys color sticks.

A gives.

Says: “Go on, Sweetie, try coloring.”

I has a confuse.

I colors carpet with a grape juice.

I colors wall with marker.

And chair.

Back of sofa.

…She no see?

“C’mon, Hunny, give these a try.”


First-ing, a taste. Essential baby procedure.

“Hunny, no, you’re not supposed to EAT the crayons.”

Is takes back.

“Ew, Courtney you got teeth marks on the crayon!”

Is signature. No like? Mark all toys with.

“Here, hold it like this.”

No want color, now. Want watch Bubble Buddies.

“No, no TV right now. Try coloring.”


“Come on, Sweet Girl. Just try.”


“Look, it’s a pretty picture of a Kangaroo!”

Is no “pretty picture” of kangaroo! Is reductive outline of subject immersed in unbalanced negative space.

Also, is wallaby.

“NOO!! Wahn Bubba Bummies!”

“Sigh, ok fine, you can watch Bubble Buddies. Geez, I just wanted teach you about colors. Do you know about your colors? Blue, green, yellow…? Oh, never mind.”

I Win!

Mommy turning on show.


…Why is face so red?

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