I Say Potato, You Say "Naughty"


This is my daughter, Courtney. She is my universe.

We play dress up and pick each other’s noses. (In my defense I’m all business when I’m tackling her with a tissue but for her it’s all pleasure to try and “get me”).

The face of defeat.

The face of defeat.

She’s taught me a lot about motherhood as my first and only child. Like how to dodge a finger coming at my face for random eye pokes, or rubble nipples being stuck in my ear. Then there’s the Cooder-kicks, head-butts, accidental bites…


Ya gotta stay on your toes, prepared for the unexpected. Like a child flinging themselves across your legs to “help” right as you’re hovering between the minimize icon and the close icon. (Two VEEERY different things).

I’m ‘helping’.

I’m ‘helping’.

You can expect death, you can expect taxes, you can expect your unsaved file to end up in Narnia, but you can’t expect your child to do ANYTHING except surprise you.

Example: my biggest PET PEEVE is when people show up early to an event, right? Like five minutes is ok, but ten? What kind of person shows up ten minutes early?! I’M NOT REAAAADYYYY!

So I was totally unprepared for the news I was going to have to have my daughter 3 months early.

Well the old ‘go-drive-around-the-block-a-few-times-while-I-take-the-curlers-out-of-my-hair-you-punctual-freak’ routine wasn’t going to apply here. My body was in distress it turns out. In other words, it was party time.

And ooooh, what a time we had!

First day in the NICU. “I tell people the glasses are to protect my eyes, but it’s really fasshon dahling.”

First day in the NICU. “I tell people the glasses are to protect my eyes, but it’s really fasshon dahling.”

It’s easy to joke about it now because she’s come so far, and honestly joking about things helped me to keep my sanity. This little lady has been through a LOT, but she’s making all kinds of strides.

This week she’s finally started using words for things, like, na-na (banana), nom-nom (I want food), and Guppy (I want you to cancel all my appointments and play-dates so I can watch Bubble Guppies now and foreeeever)!

She’s REALLY good at saying “NO” since she hears it so often. (Courtney, NO! Stop eating tissue! Or: No! Please don’t spit your water on the floor and ice skate on it! Etc)


She loooved the word “naughty” last November after she heard it in a cartoon, which was big fun for awhile.

Me: Hey Courtney, are you naughty?

Courtney [with big smile]: NAW-YEEE!!!

You know what?

I’ll take it.

I’m lucky I have her. For all the appointments and the difficult start, I’m so grateful she’s in my life.

…Even if I wake up from my naps because she’s trying to plug the vacuum cleaner into my nose.