Jurassic Park (AKA Derptastic Park) Photoshoot

Jurassic Park (AKA Derptastic Park) Photoshoot


For Courtney’s first birthday I had her dress up in this dinosaur costume and presented her with her “smash cake” (a huge city-like cake - not my best work but I emphasize huge - which she just kind of…poked at. I decided I had to recycle the costume before throwing it out and came up with this. Of course Trunkit (her teddy) had to be Dr Ian Malcolm.


The egg was made by using pool noodles of different lengths taped into circles of different sizes, then smoothed out with masking tape and wrapped with paper. There were edges and folds and crinkles before the magic of photoshop (actually ipiccy, but I used photoshop as well), but it allowed me to create the uneven edges for where the shell “broke”.


Note the overturned tour vehicle with our Derptastic logo on it.

Derptastic-Park-Sexy-Malcome-With Label-Burble-and-Balter.jpg
Scooby-Doo Photoshoot

Scooby-Doo Photoshoot